Kesasar di hutan di sector B??                                                                                                            Bagi treker pemula di pegunungan dekat Jakarta

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Getting Started

Hikers who don’t have experience finding their way around the Indonesian countryside and seek a comfortable way to get started, may prefer to find a convenient base camp for exploring the nearby forest and countryside:
One option is Vila Botani in the foothills of Gunung Salak. While it is not on one of the mapped areas, it lies on the boundary of the Gunung Halimun-Salak National Park, more specifically on the slopes of Gunung Salak. It can be reached from Bogor by public transportation. There are guides at Vila Botani who can take you for a walk in the adjacent forest, which you may explore to your heart’s content. There is also a nearby tea plantation, suitable for walks or mountain biking. And there is an organic vegetable farm and arboretum. For more information, see:

Another option would be to visit a household in a kampong at the foot of Gunung Pangrango or Gede, in one of the mapped areas, and explore the surrounding area with a map. Puncaktrek will post names, addresses and telephone num­bers for some such households in the near future:

Pak Iang lives in a wood house on stilts in the small settlement (about 10 houses) of Loji Kolot in Sektor E, Cugenang, located in block S15 and accessible by ojek from Kmp Tegalega, which in turn is accessible by ojek from Kmp Cugenang on the Cipanas-Cianjur highway. Pak Iang, who speaks no English, can be reached on 2 cell numbers: 0819-11981275 and 0888-09024450.


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