Kesasar di hutan di sector B??                                                                                                            Bagi treker pemula di pegunungan dekat Jakarta

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The Maps & Guides
The Puncaktrek maps and guidebooks support self-guided treks in the foothills of Mt. Gede & Pangrango, in the same way as trekking maps in Europe, North America, and other advanced countries. The first of their kind in Indonesia, these maps depict footpaths and objects of interest such as waterfalls, together with landuse patterns. Walk at your own pace and find your own path in nature.

Learn more about this unique product. There are four maps for Ciawi, Cisarua, Cipanas and Cu-genang, drawn at a scale of six centimeters to the kilometer. For each sector, there is also an illus-trated, pocket-sized, guidebook.

Where to buy

In Indonesia, the United States and Singapore

Free sample trek
A sample map and guides can be downloaded. Get yourself a trail map, a map of how to get to the start, a slideshow, a trail narrative, and recent updates to the narrative.

The Environment & some History Hikers & Field Conditions
The Foothills of the twin peaks provide walk-ers with an abundance of cool getaways and visual surprises. The Puncaktrek hiking maps were designed in the 90's and published in 2007 to enable Jakartans to explore this little-known area.
Slideshows for Bogor and Cianjur dis-tricts.
Bogor District, a short drive from Jakarta, of-fers a variety of hiking routes in forest, tea gar- dens, rice paddies, and kampongs at the foot of Mt. Pangrango.
Cianjur District
, a bit further away, offers cool-er and wilder routes at the foot of Mt Gede, with numerous waterfalls.
Explorers Unite: Some of us weekend explor-ers have begun to recount our adventures in the foothills while using photos to provide updates. This kind of sharing has much to offer.
Updates for selected routes. Landmarks change, warung may close, etc. I have posted updates for routes I walk.
Hiking Tours: Two outfits with the experience and skill to organize your expedition to the mapped ar-eas, on a route of your choice.

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